Thomas Jude Mendoza

In loving Memory of Thomas Jude Mendoza. 8/9/1955-4/25/2021

Tom is many things; a good man, Marine, a musician. But he is first and foremost a devoted and loving husband, father and grandfather. He is survived by his wife Adele, and their 6 blended children; Karla (Russ) Pyne, Cassandra Kyla Mendoza (Tay), Kole William Freestone (Camille), Jessica Elizabeth Mendoza (Anthony), Kamielle Freestone, and Kazlyn Freestone. He also leaves behind his fur family; Butch, Sissy, Sami, and Jethro. He has collected some adoptees as well; Nathan and Tori Jo Johns and Jareth and Kabrie soon to be Sampson. He loves his band brothers Jay Eddy (Virginia) and Jeramiah (BullFrog) Vaughn (D’Ann). He has seven grandchildren that are the lights of his life; Gabe, Ryker, Eli, Brooklyn, Drayden, Athena and one other grandson who will not be named for privacy purposes.

Tom loves people and music. He started two classic rock bands; One Night Stand with Mark and Jamie Mayo, and the Relyx. Tom is a great drummer. He always said he was “a fair drummer,” but everyone that had a chance to play with him knew otherwise. Being on a stage behind his drum kit brings him such joy, he literally radiates with it. His passion for making music is unparalleled. When the band was practicing the neighborhood children and often their parents would come to listen. He was never afraid to let the kids try out his kit. He always said as hard as he played it, handling a few kiddies was cake.

Tom became legendary in his cul-de-sac neighborhood. He is always the instigator of get togethers and holiday parties. Everyone knew they were welcome. He always offered a cold drink or refreshments to anyone in his path. All the children loved to come see him, and knew that everytime they were involved in a fundraiser he was a perfect target. He always kept some cash in his wallet for that just in case. He never even cared what the littles were hawking. He always supported them.

Tom became a volunteer at the Idaho State Veteran’s Home and grew to love the residents and staff very much. He looked forward to running the canteen on Wednesdays and bringing donuts for everyone. Tom also worked part time for Main Street Music, and loved being involved there. He would build and tune all the drum kits and was an excellent salesman.

Tom was a Thrown Weapons Marshal and teacher for the Society of Creative Anachronisms for several years. He met and made friends as fast there as he did anywhere else and his camp was the place to be in the evenings for socializing and making music.

He is the friendliest person in Pocatello. He waved at everyone he drove past and always honked at the kids. Ridley’s Grocery Store on Alameda is his own personal “Cheers” where everybody knows his name. He was always delighted when he walked in the door and all the cashiers would yell his name in chorus. He took the time to learn their names as well.

A man like Tom is one of a kind. Our lives have been blessed with his presence. We shall never see his like again.