Lee Davis

A beloved family member, friend and neighbor in Roy, Utah, Lee Davis 74 years old passed away Thursday morning, October 26, 2017 following a long illness. Born April 6, 1943 in San Diego, Lee was raised in Oceanside, CA and Malad City, Idaho. After graduation from Malad City High School in 1960, Lee served in the United States Navy during the Viet Nam War for 4 years.

Continuing his love for country, he served as a civil servant in avionics at Hill Air Force Base, Roy Utah for over 30 years. Lee was a kind, generous and thoughtful man who made friends and spoke truthfully and with diplomacy even at the most difficult of times. Exemplifying all that is good in the world, Lee’s passion to pay it forward anonymously and without fanfare continues his humility by requesting a simple “Final Salute” by the American Legion at St. John Cemetery,St. John, Malad City, Idaho 11:00 am on November 1, 2017.

In every sense, Lee had love for his brother mankind. Lee respected and loved his brothers in arms, of which he was one. Lee has shown care and compassion for his family. Lee has been a quiet, loving and supportive brother to all. There is nothing more man can ask, then to be a brother as good as Lee!

Preceded in death by his beloved son, Michael Davis, Lee Davis is survived by his granddaughter Nikki Lee Davis, his brother and sister in law, Earl and Linda Davis, cousins on the Schwartz family side; Carolyn, JaNae, Jean, Ann, Kevin and Aunt Ruby. his loyal canine friend Larry, dear friends Gary and Christy Yardley and their sons, Calvin, Josh, Parker and Aaron, trusted neighbors and confidants Ben and Margaret Read, Doug and Bambi Fowers.