Gerald Dean Williams & Ronald Williams

Cyanide Gas Kills Two Malad Boys
Two Malad boys, Ronald Williams, age 9, and Gerald Dean Williams, age 9, were found dead in the Crowther Bros, flour mill Monday morning when employees opened the doors about 7:30. The mill was closed down Sunday at 2 p. m. for the purpose of fumigating with cyanide.
A coroner’s jury Monday found that the boys died from “accidental suffocation at the Crowther Bros, mill sometime between the hours of 2 p. m. Sunday, Aug. 5, and 7:30 a. m. Monday, Aug. 6.
The body of one of the boys was found in the office and the other boy in a room adjoining the office.
Sheriff John A. Evans who was called as soon as the bodies were found, stated that it appeared the boys gained entrance thru a window in the basement. From there they went into a room which was not being fumigated. They entered the main part of the mill by forcing open a sliding door against which sacks of wheat had been placed to prevent entrance. This door had also been sealed to prevent the escape of gas.
Ronald Williams is the son of Mrs. Albert Nielsen. Gerald Dean Williams is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Williams. He is also survived by four sisters and three brothers.
Funeral services are being held this afternoon (Thursday) for the two boys, victims of this accident.