Ronald Forrest Cagle



Ronald Forrest Cagle was born October 5th 1948 in Bancroft , Caribou County, Idaho. He was the third child to join Forrest W Cagle and Ila Rae (Kent) Cagle. The family moved every few years as Forrest worked as a mechanic and moved where the work took him. The family finally settled in Downey in 1955 where Forrest farmed and worked as a mechanic for Cunningham Equipment. Ronald and his 2 sisters attended Downey Elementary School. Cherolynn, the oldest, usually helped Forrest with chores and things to do on the farm on Tool Road. That left more time for Linda and Ronald to get into trouble. There was never a new truck or car on the farm that didn’t get dents, dings or totaled. Ron enjoyed riding horses. Ron was quite the artist and did quite a few paintings for his family.

As Ron got old enough he helped his dad drill wells. They did many wells in Southern Idaho and the west. Cagle and Son Drilling was the premier drilling company in the area.

Ron joined the Marines and was shipped to Camp Pendleton California. He married Lola Gay Morrison Feb 21, 1968 and they started their new life together in the Los Angeles area. He was shipped out to Viet Neume and served as a radio operator until a sniper bullet sent him back home to the states. He and Lola were able to be sealed in the Las Angeles temple in May of 69. while still living California. Ron was given the Presidential citation for bravery above and beyond the call of duty in the battle of Khe-Sahn.

When his military service ended he and Lola came back to live in the Downey area and continued to help his dad drill those water wells. Ron and Lola were blessed with a daughter, Adesa Gay Cagle, in Sept of 1971.

Ron lived the life of the fun loving party guy which ended the marriage with Lola in 1979. Ron was married once after that but eventually ended up a bachelor. Ron moved back the his family home on the flats and was there with his parents as they aged. Ron and his dad where very hospitable and let many of those “down on there luck” into their home.

Ron lived in the Idaho States Veteran’s home in Pocatello for the few years and with their help and love he has had a few more years that he could have ever had on his own. Ron had several thoughts with cancer.

Ronald was preceded in by his parents, Forrest and Ila Rae Cagle, his sister Linda Ethel Leissring.

Ron is survived by a daughter Adesa Cox ( Ogden UT), 6 grand children and 7 great grandchildren. As well as his older sister Cherolynn Rae Day (Downey).

Graveside services will be held on Wednesday, September 23 at 1:00 p.m. in the Downey City Cemetery.

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