Emily Ann John Vaughan



On Friday night the death messenger visited the home of Edwin Vaughan and called the soul of the beloved wife and mother. The conditions surrounding this parting makes it of the saddest, and elicits the sympathy of all for the bereaved family. A woman in the prime of life stricken down and leaving behind a husband and seven children, four of whom are small.

Mrs. Vaughan has suffered for more than two months, her trouble resulting from childbirth, and though every earthly agency known was brought into use in an effort to save her life, everything was utterly futile and she sank gradually until every ounce of vitality had been sapped away.

Mrs. Vaughan was thirty-nine years of age. She was born at West Portage, Utah, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James John. She was married to Mr. Vaughan when quite a young woman and has made her home in this city since that time. To the people of Malad she was known to be a woman of high character, a loving wife and a kind, indulgent mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan have had a beautiful new home built this summer which was completed after Mrs. Vaughan was taken sick.

Funeral services were held in the tabernacle Sunday afternoon which were attended by nearly 1000 people. The funeral arrangements were directed by Undertaker Larkin, of Ogden, and Bishop Jensen presided at the service. The invocation was delivered by President W. H. Richards, after which words of condolence and encouragement were spoken by W. H. Gibbs, of West Portage, Elder Larkin, of Ogden, and R.J. Harding, of this city. The Tabernacle choir sang two selections and solos were sung by Prof. Call and R. B. Davis. The remains were interred in Mountain View Cemetery, the grave being dedicated by Pres. Richards.

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