Conrad A. Patzer


Conrad A. Patzer

If I could see through my tears, maybe the words would come out right, I pray and I pray, My Mama can find peace, and sleep tonight…

Finding the words for a man, who was so great, Is more than names, times, and dates,

He lived with respect, honor and grace, He was humble and kind, Always a smile on his face,

There was never a moment, That he gave up on hope, not even once… now how do we cope? If only love could have kept you alive instead, now, with the Angels you fly.

To us: You are the greatest man whoever walked this earth. There are no words to express, how much it hurts,

You are the example of what a real man should be. Living with love in your heart, and so much integrity.

Always hard at work, never stopping ‘til it was done, Working your ass off, and calling it fun.

Husband, father, brother, grandpa and son, A friend, and a mentor to us You are the only one…

You are so smart, You knew we would love it here, With the meadow larks, mountain lions, coyotes and deer,

I have never been so proud as I am representing you. Everyone reading this, Feels the exact same way too.

You’re our hero, inspiration, and our pride. Because of you we have confidence, And joy in our strides.

“You never had to wonder, if his love was true…” Mama….. We know His Heart beat… only for You.

You are the reason, we are here today, To pray to the Good Lord, In all our different ways.

This is the story that once was told By a man who was too young But his soul was born old…

February 23rd, 1960. Duluth, Minnesota ~ May 15th, 2015. Malad, Idaho. Send condolences to the family at In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Conrad Patzer “Hot Rod” fund at America First Credit Union.

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