Cole Wray Wakley


Cole Wray Wakley was born August 8, 2003 to Matthew W. and Kimberly D. Wakley. He passed away July 23, 2016 at home with his family in Preston, Idaho. Cole was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a result of his lungs collapsing shortly after birth. His first couple of years were challenging as he was unable to communicate vocally and wasn’t able to walk. Kim worked with him tirelessly and helped him learn sign language and Cole also perfected the army crawl.

These new skills helped relieve some of his frustrations.

When Cole was almost 3 our family moved to Preston. This move allowed Cole to have almost daily contact with his cousins. As a result of his older brother Kyon and his cousins talking and playing with him all the time Cole soon began to speak. Once he learned to speak he would say “hi” to everyone. He grew to love people and was quite social.

Cole loved school, especially the opportunity to see his friends and teachers. He rolled around the school in his wheelchair waving and talking to everyone. He loved to read and was a good speller. Likely the result of countless hours listening to his mother read to him and playing with toys that taught letter sounds.

At his physical peak Cole was able to walk using a walker and some assistance from a steady hand. He enjoyed participating in Special Olympics where he was the state champion in the 50 meter race. He also played coach pitch baseball with his little sister Tayla. They had a great time together. Cole was a huge sports fan as well. He watched his brother, whom he affectionately called “Wake”, play many football and basketball games. Then at night laying in bed before he fell asleep he would announce each game play by play.

Cole’s favorite family outing each year was to Bear Lake. He loved the water and especially loved the time with his extended family. His cousins always took time to play with him and include him as much as possible. The annual trip to Bear Lake was one of the last fun things Cole was able to do. Although he wasn’t able to do all he wanted he still made the most of it and his family rallied around him to make it a good time for him.

Cole always had a close relationship with each family member. That seemed to only grow stronger in the closing months. Tayla was his greatest helper. Cole would often call for her first thing in the morning to help him out of bed (even though he outweiged her by 100 pounds). She was always loyal to him and came running whenever he called and if she robbed the candy jar she always got enough for “Coley” too. Kyon was the best big brother he could have hoped for, and Cole was the best little brother. They spent hours playing football and basketball on their knees. Everyday they were each others biggest fans. Kim gave everything she could possibly give to Cole. In the end he showed his appreciation by telling her “If I’m going to Heaven, I’m taking you with me”. He loved his mother and thanked her daily for taking care of him. Cole enjoyed “bull fights” with his dad and going for a drive and getting a treat or dinner. We would talk about sports, his girlfriends, his dreams and his desire to one day be able to run and jump and play ball. He loved his grandparents and always looked forward to seeing them. He loved to talk to them and play with them.

Cole was fortunate to have many friends, young and older, who looked out for him and helped him when needed. There are too many to name who have helped him at school, church, and home. Cole loved each of you. We express our sincere appreciation to those who have helped during the good times and the hard times. Cole was preceded in death by his older sister Shay. He is survived by his parents Kim and Matt, siblings Kyon and Tayla, grandparents David M.

and Nancy D. Decker and Ronald D. and Melissa F. Wakley and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

We will be lost without our little buddy. We are thankful that he no longer has to endure the pains of this world and we look forward to seeing him again one day.

Friends may call Wednesday, July 27 at the Preston Idaho South Stake Center 55 E. 1st South Preston, ID. from 6 to 8pm and Thursday, July 28 from 10:30­11:30am. The funeral will be Thursday at 12 noon in the same location. Internment will be at the Marsh Center Cemetery, Arimo, ID.

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