Brit Hawker


Information has been received that former Oneida County resident Brit Hawker has died while serving a unified sentence (6 years fixed,8 years indeterminate) with the idaho Department of Correction.

Hawker was found guilty by an Oneida County jury in 2018 of 8 felonies including exploitation of a vulnerable adult, forging the signature of the victim on a Bill of Sale transferring title of a 2007 Vespa and a 2007 Airstream CT Trailer; forging a certificate of title; forging and transferring title of a pickup, trailer, utility trailer and a van; fraudulently receiving public assistance funds; fraudulently obtaining Temporary Aid to Families in Idaho funding and fraudulently receiving assistance from the Idaho of Health and Welfare.

She was sentenced later in the year to 14 years unified, but the court retained jurisdiction (rider). In February of 2019, the judge rescinded jurisdiction due to her lack of taking accountability for her actions. he resentenced her to 6 years fixed and 8 years indeterminate in prison.

As of presstime Tuesday, IDOC lists cause of death as unavailable.

Most of the property was returned to the victim. However, at the time of her death Hawker still owed $135,644 in restitution to the victim.

[The Idaho Enterprise, December 5, 1919, page 9]

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